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What is SDW?

Safe Drinking Water For All

Founded in 2015, SDW is a socio-environmental impact startup focused on finding innovative solutions for the various water-related aspects: treatment, monitoring, evaluation or distribution. Our goal is to develop innovative and cost-effective water solutions to solve water-related problems and to support the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS). We will do this by developing and selling affordable and efficient tools for the most differentiated clients in need of water treatment, including the most needy sectors in partnership with humanitarian organizations, emergency relief organizations and companies around the globe. We have a team formed by young people (who share the same values) and multidisciplinary with three approaches: product development, management and commercial. We are here to make the future a better place to live: a future with quality water.


Provide more health and quality of life to people developing innovative water technologies.



The problem

Scarcity of drinking water on the planet

Currently, almost 700 million people still do not have access to drinking water. The United Nations estimates that by 2025 up to 1.8 billion people will live in countries or regions with extreme water shortages. About two-thirds of the world's population will be affected by the consequences of our global water scarcity. About 3 million people will die every year as a result of water-related diseases - that is, around 10,000 people every day - mostly children under five.

We have the solution!

An innovative and sustainable product




Solar water disinfection device

Pathogenic microorganisms are vulnerable to two effects of sunlight: radiation in the spectrum of UV-A light (wavelength 320-400nm) and heat (water temperature rise).

That is why SDW is developing Aqualuz: a social technology for water purification (for human consumption) using solar energy and sisal fiber filter. The Aqualuz is an easily adaptable solar water filtration and disinfection device composed of an inlet filter filled with flexible sisal fibers (or other material), a reservoir made of polyethylene and an electrical monitoring system that can be adapted to many water sources that have microbiological contamination, and is ideal for rainwater harvesting cisterns.

Our differential

Low cost


Social Technology


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