Aqualuz Pilot in the Semi-Arid (Brazil)


Who is SDW?

A socio-environmental impact startup that emerged from the need to reduce the problems caused by contaminated water through innovative and sustainable solutions for the treatment of water and others. Our focus is on people who have difficulty accessing drinking water in regions such as the Northeastern Semi-arid (Brazil).

The problem

Currently, nearly 700 million people still do not have access to safe drinking water. The United Nations estimates that by 2025 up to 1.8 billion people will live in countries or regions with extreme water shortages. About 3 million people will die every year as a result of water-related diseases, mostly children under five.

Already in the semiarid ...

In Brazil, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), more than four million rural peasant families live. Of these, 50% live in the Northeast, most of them in the semi-arid region of one million km², higher than the areas of Germany and France combined. With each dry season thousands of people can not meet their needs for access to water and basic food, and a person can spend up to 36 days a year exclusively in search of water.

How to solve?

The project proposed here is a campaign to make feasible the implantation of pilots of the first technology developed by SDW, Aqualuz, through collective financing. The proposal is to deploy 14 units of Aqualuz in the rural area of the city of Valente (the capital of Sisal) with support from local organizations and with a one-month follow-up to the community, both with quality analysis tests Training and qualification for the use of the cistern and Aqualuz.

To fund this project, we need R$ 23,000.00 and we count on the help of all!

We need your help! Donate now and make the water reach families. R $ 30 = 50 days of drinking water through Aqualuz for a family.

What is Aqualuz?

Aqualuz is a social technology that uses solar energy + sisal to make water drinkable and ready for human consumption.

All this in a very low cost (R$ 500,00) and without the need for technical maintenance, the part that uses solar energy is not dependent on solar panels and the filter that is made of sisal can be changed by any resident who has the fiber in hand, the only necessity of it is internal cleaning of the reservoir capacity of 10 Liters and doing 3 cycles a day (total of 30 Liters). Each liter of treated water costs R$ 0.0098 and the durability of the equipment is more than 7 years.



goal: R$23.000,00
Closed, but open to contributions!
This campaign received all funds raised until 03/11/2017

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